Hello and welcome to the information page about the Hungry For A Cookbook Mastermind Group

I'm glad you're here.

If you're like the previous participants of this mastermind group, I suspect this describes you:

You have an expertise in food, nutrition, cooking, or baking.

You have recipes that you want to share with your ideal audience and you have others (or the voice in your head) telling you that you should write a cookbook.

That's all well and good, but you lack the knowledge you need to write a cookbook. You don't know what to do next, how to prioritize your tasks, and start acting on your dream.

Maybe you have tried to start and now feel frustrated with your lack of decisions, and lack of ability to make writing a cookbook a priority.

Perhaps you lack clarity of your cookbook concept, and then get stuck without any support or resources about cookbook writing.

I know exactly how you feel.

I felt this way when I wrote my first cookbook in 2011. But, I stuck it out, and wrote a cookbook proposal for my first cookbook without any outside support or resources. Since then I've written 3 more cookbooks, and have found my passion helping other food, cooking, nutrition, and baking experts on their cookbook-writing journey as well.

Imagine how you would feel if this time next year:

You listened to that voice that tells you that you need to write a cookbook.
Your cookbook proposal is complete.
You have queried agents or publishers or self-published your own cookbook.
You have a home on the web and actively build your author platform.
You are writing your recipes for your cookbook manuscript.
You are closer to your dream of writing a cookbook.
You had a supportive group to help you accomplish your cookbook writing goals.

I'm here to tell you that this group is waiting for you.

First-time cookbook writers do not need to work alone!

The Hungry For A Cookbook Mastermind Group is available to you to provide accountability, resources, and support.

Hungry For A Cookbook Mastermind Group



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Let's start with some basics first. A Mastermind Group is an exclusive group of up to 10 individuals with a common purpose. They meet on a regular basis to support each other in the fulfillment of their goals. Together they celebrate successes, brainstorm ideas, provide accountability, and use the power of their combined brain power to set, clarify, and accomplish goals.


The Hungry For A Cookbook Mastermind Group will be comprised of small group of cookbook authors and the group facilitator Maggie Green.

We will meet in a virtual conference room twice monthly from September 2018 - August 2019 (total of 24 meetings)

At every meeting members share successes, set goals, brainstorm ideas, and hold each other accountable to their goals and plans.

Members also receive a short lesson on topics related to writing a cookbook such as commitment, who is your audience, time management, and routes to cookbook publication.

A pre-determined, structured agenda and timed format ensures that everyone talks and that one person can't dominate the conversation.


  • Save time and get your cookbook project started the right way
  • Save money by learning about publishing options and finding a publisher that pays you for your work
  • Make a decision about how to get your book published
  • Learn the mindset to attract an agent or publisher
  • Focus your energy on the right tasks through goal setting
  • Gain accountability by working with a group
  • Brainstorm ideas with your group members
  • Connect and learn from others through virtual meetings
  • Share and celebrate successes
  • Access the power of a group "master mind" for goals, ideas, and resources


  • Identify your goals for writing a cookbook
  • Describe your cookbook audience and ideal cookbook buyer
  • Define your cookbook concept
  • Follow the path on your best route to publication
  • Build or develop your author platform with a website and social media
  • Name three to five cookbook competitors
  • Complete a timeline for your cookbook project
  • Write a cookbook proposal
  • Find agents and publishers


Twice monthly virtual meetings

Password-protected members area with access to materials to track your progress

Private coaching call to discuss your specific cookbook idea

BONUS: Invitations to Bonus Q & A Calls and open Mastermind Groups for Moms, Platform Building, and Tech Talk

BONUS: Cookbook Author Interview Series Book

Video conference meetings accessible on computer, tablet, or smart phone

Recordings of Mastermind Group meetings in case you miss a meeting

Private Slack group for members to ask questions outside of meetings.

BONUS: Steps To Write A Cookbook Workbook

BONUS: Recordings of The 6-video Everything You Want To Know About Cookbook Publishing Webinar


Next group begins September 2019



When I first spoke with Maggie Green in 2017 about becoming a part of the Mastermind Cookbook group, I told her that my cookbook concept had been a labor of love that I was about to think was just a dream.  Through Maggies patience, persistence, encouragement and vast experience, I now believe it will be a not too distant reality! Her connections in the literary world provided me with an introduction to an editor in my home state, and hopefully, this will be a successful partnership. If you think you cannot write a cookbook, I encourage you to think again and consider signing up for this course!

Chef Sheri Raleigh-Yearby
Chef Sheri Raleigh-Yearby Cast Iron Skillet

For the last 3 years I have talked about writing a cookbook. It’s been all talk until I saw Maggie’s Hungry For a Cookbook Mastermind opportunity open, I literally could not apply fast enough. I love our meetings. Maggie’s information is perfection, she asks the right questions to make you think and brainstorming with others is the icing on the cake. Thanks to her motivation and knowledge I published my first cookbook in November 2017.

Elizabeth Weaver
Elizabeth Weaver Elizabeth's Edibles

In 2015 I took a trip to Italy and for 30 days I journaled and took notes on my experience and the foods that we ate with friends and family. I knew that I wanted to create a cookbook based on the recipes that I had but I had no idea how to start. In 2017 I took first Maggie’s cookbook 101 and loved every minute of it. Based on her personal coaching, I have been able to turn my notes into a proposal for a cookbook that I want to publish. I am currently in her mastermind, and it has been a fantastic experience. Sessions with Maggie always leave me feeling, encouraged, confident and motivated to take the steps needed to get my book published.  I look forward to finishing my proposal for an agent in the next month with Maggie’s help.

Juli-Anne Royes
Juli-Anne Royes Juli-Anne's Tropical Kitchen

The HFAC Mastermind group is such a supportive, inspiring and highly motivating process to get your book to market. Maggie is an amazing coach who has helped move me from stuck to unstuck and allowed me to push through my fears. She is an incredibly valuable resource and mentor for getting your book to market. The group environment is also a way to have an instant network of support and guidance that is priceless. I highly recommend this group to anyone who is looking to write any kind of book, including an ebook. 

Kelly Grant O’Brien, RD, NC
Kelly Grant O’Brien, RD, NC Kelly Grant Nutrition

I was unfamiliar with the path to cookbook publication. Maggie gave me the education, support and expertise I needed to complete my project. The community she creates and the skills she teaches are incredibly valuable and have helped other areas of my life. I cannot recommend her mastermind group and services enough!

Jeremiah Duarte Bills
Jeremiah Duarte Bills JEREMIAH BAKES


  • Committed to your cookbook project
  • Prepared to connect with a group of awesome, like-minded aspiring cookbook authors
  • Prepared to write your proposal
  • Determined to make your cookbook dream a reality
  • Excited to work with a small, personal group to find answers, share knowledge, and support each other to achieve goals.


  • Feel committed to your cookbook project
  • Enjoy group video settings
  • Like to ask questions and talk in a group setting
  • Enjoy brainstorming for the benefit of others



maggieHi I'm Maggie Green. I am a culinary dietitian, cookbook editor, cookbook author, and cookbook coach. For the past 15 years. I've worked in the cookbook publishing industry - writing, editing, developing, and selling cookbook content. In addition I coach aspiring cookbook authors during the pre-publication phase of writing a cookbook and this my joy.

I work as a cookbook coach for several reasons:

● I love connecting with aspiring cookbook authors and teaching them all I know about how to write their own cookbook and get it published
● I want to share my knowledge learned from cookbook projects
● I want to show that writing a cookbook is possible and that cookbooks are still relevant in today's modern kitchen and home
● I want to save you time and energy by focusing on the right things first
● I want to save you money as you find the correct publishing solution for your cookbook



Do I need special equipment to join a virtual teleconference?

No. Any desktop or laptop computer, phone, or tablet with a camera will be able to access the virtual video conference room. If you have a time when the camera isn't available, you can call in to the meetings and participate by phone.

What if I have to miss a meeting?

While members are encourage to come to all meetings to get the most out of the program, I understand that sometimes things come up. A recording of each session will be available in the password protected members area.

Why do I need to apply?

The Mastermind Group is only as good as it's members. For that reason, we pre-screen possible group members to make sure we're all a good fit for the program. The application process is answering a few short questions and upon successful completion, your down payment will be processed.

What is the full schedule?

We will meet twice monthly from September 2018 - August 2019 in our virtual conference room. The first meeting is Monday, September 17, 2018 at 12:00 NOON EST

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