Thank you for your interest in the
Hungry For A Cookbook Mastermind Group

The purpose of this short application is to be sure that our Mastermind Group has the best members that meet the minimum requirements.

My goal is to find members who:

  • Have been thinking about writing a cookbook
  • Desire to work with like-minded individuals to share their goals and provide accountability for others in the group
  • Feel committed to their cookbook project
  • Can carve out time to commit to the twice-monthly meetings
  • Feel ready to pick their best route to publication
  • Know they need to take action

This application includes a few questions about the best days and times so even if you're not sure about the meeting day, please complete the application and let me know what days are best for you.

Completion of this survey does not oblige you to sign up for the program.

After reviewing this application, Maggie Green will contact you with further information.

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